Wedding Venues

BarnThe centerpiece of your wedding can be our restored 1860 barn or a rented tent on one of our fields overlooking the ocean.

The barn offers a main level, measuring 32’ wide x 38’ deep and a balcony measuring 10’ wide by 33’ long. The barn can accommodate up to120 seated guests, with room for your music providers. There is a private bathroom on the main floor which is normally set aside for the ladies. Two additional restrooms consisting of high-end portable “wedding” toilets with sinks would need to be rented and placed in the rear of the barn and used all weekend by your guests.

Outside the main barn you can rent local tents of any size for serving drinks and/or food, but your caterer can set up his or her main prep area in our small barn adjacent to the wedding barn to provide any type of buffet or table service you select.