Twin Maples Farm rents its wedding venue for an agreed-upon period, often five (5) days, from Thursday to Monday, encompassing the wedding and pre- and post-wedding events. The rental includes the barn and property and normally also includes the use of the house, but this is not required, in which case the rental fee is lower. There is a contract and deposit required which calls for the balance of the full venue rental payment not later than sixty (60) days prior to the wedding.

Wedding parties must provide insurance for property damage and liability, and are required to give us a Certificate of Insurance covering the rental period at the time the balance is paid, sixty days before the wedding. In addition, and for safety, the farm has reasonable rules for guests to follow to avoid accidents, excessive drinking, and unnecessary property damage. The barn party and festivities should end by midnight.

The final area requiring strict guidelines is the use of the portable wedding restrooms during the entire rental period as opposed to our house bathrooms which have a septic system with limited capacity. During the barn festivities, women can use the regular barn bathroom, but it should be limited to barn events only. There is also a shower in the barn.

If you rent our house, of course you can use our four bathrooms and showers.

If you cancel your wedding weekend, you will be obligated to pay half the rental fees.